Our Ultimate Kids Class Guide and Mega-Giveaway

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After a summer of artfully planned, mom-led activities (reflect back on a 3 hour drive to Hershey Park, Road Trips to the Gunks and 6am wake up calls to secure lockers at their favorite local water parks), team mom is just about ready to take a breather and hand the reigns over to the pros.  And with that, we present to you, our roundup of favorite kids classes and programs in Bergen (as researched by our team of editors and staffers) , complete with a chance to WIN ONE OF 13 SEMESTERS we are giving away.  So pick their passion, and begin!

Categories include:
Mega Centers (one-stop-shops for all your family enrichment needs),
Dance Classes
Gym, Sports and Movement Classes
Fine Arts Classes
Music Classes, Performing Arts and Instrument Lessons
Cooking and Foreign Language Classes,
Martial Arts and Fencing
and Speed and Agility Training for Kids..

  PLUS ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY HERE!  (And be sure to refer friends…for every successful referral you make, increases your chances of winning.)


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