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As parents, our number one priority is to make sure our kids have what they need. But sometimes it’s not as simple as sticking a vegetable on their plate, buying them a new pair of shoes, or making them get enough sleep. Sometimes, what they need isn’t something we can personally provide, which is where BrainStorm Tutoring & Admissions in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey comes in. With a personalized academic coaching, tutoring, or admissions consulting solution that can fit the requirements for each student (ages 11 to 24), BrainStorm Tutoring can help your child learn new academic concepts and skills, study for tests and college entrance exams, and, most importantly, master the habits and techniques that will set your student up for long-term holistic success.

BrainStorm Tutoring was founded specifically to challenge the status quo in education. They believe that building rapport, creating customized success roadmaps, and supporting students holistically is the key to helping them achieve superior results in their academic endeavors. Their versatile, experienced academic coaches, who all have advanced degrees and relevant experience, use a cutting-edge approach to teach students long-term skill development, including strong time management and performance under pressure. Coaches even share advice for sleep prioritization, emotional self-management, empowerment, breathwork, and tools to sharpen and maintain focus.

At BrainStorm Tutoring & Admissions, you are able to pick the tutoring model that works best for your student and your family. World-class small-group tutoring and test prep takes place 5 days a week at BST’s HQ in Franklin Lakes. For students who need more individual attention or additional flexibility in scheduling, in-home or virtual one-on-one tutoring is available 7 days a week throughout northern New Jersey and in New York City. BrainStorm offers test prep (SSAT/ISEE, SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and more), Spanish Immersion classes for students ages 3-9, and a unique “Specialized Academic Coaching” program to effectively address the specific needs of kids with academic IEPs and 504 plans.

High school & undergrad students who are gearing up for the admissions process can meet with BrainStorm consultants who will help them assess potential schools, complete their Common Application, write their essays and supplements, prepare for interviews, and earn scholarship money (to date, BrainStorm students have earned $87 million in merit scholarships!!). Students can also count on comprehensive standardized test prep that includes tips and tricks for maximizing their performance, and local students can access weekly full-length SAT and ACT simulations offered every Saturday at 8:00am in the Franklin Lakes center. These simulations help decrease student anxiety and increase student familiarity with test questions and conditions. Best of all, the simulations are only $50/test and are open to the general public (students don’t need to be BrainStorm clients to participate).

You know what your child needs, and BrainStorn has the plan to make sure they are prepared and confident... wether it be in day-to-day class work, skill and concept mastery, test taking, study skills, or admissions exams. Your child will feel courageous and confident as they Storm The Test and succeed in school - and beyond. 

For more information, or to discuss the program that's best for your student, visit the BrainStorm website or call 201.84.STORM. BrainStorm Client Success Advisors are also available to speak with ou to determine the best customized plan for your child. 

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