Bergen Kids Classes: Martial Arts and Fencing

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Team USA TaeKwon-Do (1580 Lemoine Avenue #2, Fort Lee, 201-947-8994)
You would never know that this unadorned storefront located in the heart of Fort Lee is actually a dojo for Olympians and World Champs.  Not only did owner Master Alvin Bernard coach a Tae Kwon Do competitor for the 2012 London games, but he is also the force behind US National Champion, Merissa Pico and World Champ Marc-Dimitri Akda.  The school stresses proper technique and method while building confidence in its students. Although Tae Kwon Do is the master’s passion and expertise, the studio also offers sweat-inducing Kickboxing Classes, Sparring, and Fitness class plus one off Self Defense classes perfect for learning quick tricks to fend off an offender.

Tiger Kim’s Tae Kwon Do Center and Tiger Twins (Closter and Fort Lee locations, 201-767-7171)
Not only are the instructors at these two studios top notch (all are high level black belts in TKD and go through extensive teacher training) but they are also great with kids.  Good form is an obvious objective of their program with “board breaking days” and “belt tests” regularly scheduled to keep your kid enthused, but another main goal is teaching respect and building confidence among students.  So he will be a high achiever outside the dojo as well.

Northern Valley Martial Arts (508 Livingston Street, Norwood, 201-784-2411?)
At NVMA students gain not only the skill of Tae Kwon Do, but important values such as self-control, respect, and determination. NVMA helps students reach their maximum potential by promoting self-esteem and motivation to succeed. The skilled instructors and fun environment make it easy for your kids to excel and stick to the program.

Fencing (Cresskill Performing Arts, 300 Knickerbocker Road, Suite 1100, Cresskill, 201-390-7513)
If you haven’t already heard, Fencing is a hot (like we mean colleges love when they see this on applications hot) activity right now.  The ancient and underrated sport is being offered by Cresskill Performing Arts on a private and semi-private basis by two certified instructors who will have your kid “lunging”, “parrying” and “reposting” in no time.

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