A Nutella Cafe is Opening in NYC

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We’re living in an age of foodie fanaticism. And while we may be getting a little sick of looking at what our friends had for dinner on social media (though that Rainbow Roll was pretty gorgeous), one huge benefit that comes with the times are all of these fun food-focused venues that have been popping up in recent months. Remember the Museum of Pizza, Candytopia, the Museum of Ice Cream, and (our favorite), the Rosé Mansion? (OK, not technically food, but still). Well, there’s another delicious destination on the horizon: The Nutella Cafe. Yes, it’s indeed a permanent venue dedicated solely to the Italian-made chocolate-and-hazelnut spread so much of the world is obsessed with. The cafe, set to open near Union Square at 13th Street and University Place on November 14th will feature a Nutella-inspired menu and specialty espresso drinks, according to Ferrero, the company that makes Nutella and is opening the cafe.


Chicago got the country’s first cafe last year and after seeing serious success in the Windy City – and pop-ups around New York earlier this year – the company decided to open shop in Manhattan. Ferrero hasn’t released a ton of details nor the menu yet, but the opening date is mere weeks away and there will be a lot of Nutella offered, so really that’s all you need to know. See you there.


Nutella Cafe, 116 University Place, New York, NY


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