Whole Foods Market Closter Plaza Opens

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Remember when we shared the too-good-to-be-true news that a Target and a Whole Foods Market were going to be opening in the same shopping center (that would be the amazing new Closter Plaza) essentially making all of our dreams come true? Well, we're halfway there as of this week when the brand-spanking new Whole Foods Market Closter Plaza opens its doors. And just to amp up the anticipation a bit, we have to be honest: We just got a sneak peek of the place and have decided that it's easily our fave of the four Whole Foods in Bergen County. Why, you ask? Well, let us count the gourmet/organic/convenience-factor ways.


In addition to all of the usual grocery goodness that comes with the specialty grocery store, this one's got a myriad of other amazing perks. There are grab-and-go coffee and smoothie stations right by the door for lightning-fast pickup on busy mornings; exclusive lines that make dinner prep super simple;  a brick oven churning out delish pizzas; sprawling salad bars and hot-and-cold food bars; a new Vegta Bowl concept featuring vegan and gluten-free nutrient-dense veggie bowls; and, in what might be our fave perk, a toast station where Balthazar breads (yes, that Balthazar) are paired with everything from almond butter to avocado to roasted tomatoes for the best snack ever. Oh, and did we mention that, in addition to the large dining area for those times when the kids have to eat right now¸ there's also an outdoor fire pit? If you're already picturing yourself sipping an almond milk latte in front of it on a cool fall night, we wouldn't blame you.


The place opens Wednesday and we recommend getting there early (like 8am early) to snag one of the groovy free tote bags they're giving out to the first 200 customers. The store will be offering some really sweet deals all week long too and taking $15 off every order over $75. So you can give those "whole paycheck" jokes a rest … at least for now.

Whole Foods Market Closter Plaza, 33 Vervalen Street, Closter, NJ

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