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Sally went to math camp, Brandon is reading two grades ahead, and Drew came back from his recent China trip speaking almost fluent Mandarin.  It seems like kids are doing everything they can to get ahead these days and your guy is still frustrated by fractions. 

Time to bring in the A Team. 

EBL Coaching—an über-successful Upper East Side supplemental education center, has just opened up an outpost on this side of the Hudson—a place to build up kids’ self-esteem and academic skills through individualized one-on-one tutoring. 

Founded by Brown University grad and expert educator Dr. Emily Levy, EBL assesses each child to determine the specific methods that will help them learn. Tutors then use research-based, multi-sensory techniques to help kids improve their reading, comprehension, writing, math concepts and word problems, studying, note taking, and test taking. Methods for boosting focus, motivation, and organization are also stressed- skills they can take with them through college and beyond.  Schedule too tight to make the trip to the center?  No matter, EBL will bring the study session to your home, saving that precious travel time (thanks Doc). 

So whether your kids are just beginning preschool or starting to think about college, EBL Coaching will put them on their own personal path to success.

Problem solved. 

Mention Bergen Mama and your INITIAL ASSESSMENT is FREE!

45 minute sessions starting at $100
EBL Coaching
In Home or at
50 East Palisade Avenue, Suite 201, Englewood
(201) 567-8988

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