Piano Lessons and Guitar Lessons at The Piano Workshop in Bergen County (dedicated)

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If you want your kids to truly tune into the world, turn off the noise, and hear the muse—music lessons are the key to a harmonious family. The Piano Workshop at Bergen County offers private music lessons in guitar and piano, and there’s a new location opening in Bergen soon!

At the Piano Workshop, teachers won’t sit your child down at the piano, go through a lesson book chapter by chapter, and hope for the best. Instead, instruction is tailored to each individual student, and teaching is matched to methodologies that are at the forefront of creativity and innovation. This approach allows kids to tap into their individual creative spirits and begin their lifelong journey of exploring and appreciating music.


Comprised of artist and teachers who all have unique and specialized musical backgrounds, teachers at The Piano Workshop are all degree-holding, educated musicians who are committed to delivering educational excellence to all students.

Extended piano programs include “Tiny Fingers” for preschool-age kids, recitals, jazz band, a rock band jam, and “Groovy Loops” for older kids, plus private and group lessons for adults. Guitar lessons are offered both in studio and at home.

Listen up—these opportunities are attuned just for you and your kids! Sign up now for a free trial in-home lesson, then watch for the Grand Opening in Bergen coming soon!

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