Next Level GNO’s in Bergen County


Go shorty! It’s your birthday. We gonna party like it’s your birthday. No, don’t tell us to stop singing. You’re turning another year older and okay, that’s sort of not fun, but it sure beats the alternative. So, gather together some of your tribe of fabulous women, book one of these Hot Spots for Mom Birthday Parties in Bergen County and celebrate YOU on your special day. Because why should your kiddos have all the fun. Happy Birthday!

PS – Don’t forget the cake.



What could be better than starting out your next year by breaking a sweat? Book a special event at Cyclebar, invite your friends to join you, then ride headlong into your birthday with music thumping and heart pumping. The best part? After your ride, you can feel free to indulge in whatever sweet treats make you happiest on your special day. You’ve earned it!



Listen we don’t want to call attention to the fact that you’re getting older but we do want to mention that building muscle and staying strong and toned will go a long way to keeping you mobile and injury free as you age. And it’s not like your friends can’t use the same help. So, gather your BFFs together and challenge each other to do your personal best, no matter what that means. Orangetheory is great at tailoring the workout to first timers, old pros, or those who are recovering from an illness or injury. You’ll enter your next year with a better understanding of just how powerful you really are.

Buti Yoga

Remember when you were young(er) and you’d dance like no one was watching? And now you’re not so sure about slinging those hips around but you’d like to try? Gather up your old clubbing buddies, or the new buddies who are game for something super fun and book a private Buti Yoga class with instructor Krista. This class combines primal movement, tribal dance, traditional yoga and plyometrics with a soundtrack that will keep you moving for the whole hour. Then keep the party going on a real dance floor, for old times sake!


Circle Bake Shop at Clay, Paper, Scissors

You could sit around on your birthday and binge watch Cupcake Wars or reruns of the most recent Baking Championship and say to yourself, “How did they ever learn to decorate cookies like that?” Or, you could sign up for a private baking lesson or party with Circle Bake Shop. You’ll learn the tips and tricks you need to be able to produce cookies that look professionally decorated. And we can promise you’ll be surprised at how adept you will turn out to be. The big plus is there's no cleanup necessary- score!



So, you’ve decreed that this is the Year of the Brain? The year you finally reclaim some of the real estate in your grey matter that has, for many years, been devoted to toddler shoe sizes and remembering to return library books on time. But where to start? Check out CourseHorse for classes in almost anything. Rally your posse and book a cooking class, or try your hand at improv, or dance, or gardening. The classes are held in multiple locations around the city and are often only a few hours long. How fun to start a new hobby or learn a new skill to kick off your next year of living!


Broadway Roulette

Ugh. Nothing physical for your birthday, please. You just want to sit, relax and be entertained. You’d like to rustle up a group and head to a show but you also don’t really want to raid your kid’s college fund to pay for it. Roll the dice with Broadway Roulette and, for a fraction of the regular price of a ticket, you and your friends will see a top notch show and have decent seats doing it. Bravo!


A/R Workshop

You’d like to sit and chat with your friends for your birthday but you also want to keep your hands busy and your maybe have something to show for it at the end. Book a party at the new A/R Workshop in Ridgewood and you’ll get everything you wished for. A relaxed evening with friends and a keepsake sign, tray, pillow or more to commemorate your event. You won’t even have to worry about goody bags. 

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