This is the Best Broadway Show Ticket Deal We’ve Ever Heard Of

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So, you’d like to take your kids to see a Broadway show but you didn’t win the lottery last week and you still haven’t found that money tree so you’re not sure where you’re going to get the funds for such an outing. Enter Broadway Roulette, a website that offers the best Broadway show ticket deals for a great selection of in-demand Broadway musicals and plays. No really, even Spongebob was recently an option! The catch? You don’t know which show you’re going to see until the day of the performance. Hence, the roulette.

Here’s how it works. First, pick the date you want to attend a show and the number of tickets you need. The beauty here is that you can pick a date up to three months in the future. No need to wait until the day of the show to see what is available.

Next, select musical, play or “I do not care what type of show I see”. Then pick up to four (4) shows you do not want to see, enter your credit card details and cross your fingers that you get a good one (pro tip: they’re all good ones).

But wait, you’re taking your kids and there are certain shows that aren’t ahem, exactly appropriate for little eyes and ears. Play family-friendly roulette. For an extra $12 per ticket, have all non-kid friendly shows automatically excluded from the list. Then, if there’s still a show you don’t think your child will enjoy, exclude one additional show at a cost of $3 per ticket.

So, what exactly is the math? Prices for a randomly selected date over April break were $49/ticket. Add in the $12/ticket family friendly option, and the $3/ticket additional exclusion plus the unavoidable processing fees of $6/ticket and all in, the ticket price would be $70/ticket.

Oh sure, but are the tickets in the nosebleed section? Or behind a post or something? Or is it a scam and no one ever shows up to hand off the tickets? Nope. It’s all on the level. A recent satisfied customer tells us that they got an email on the day of the performance notifying them that they won two tickets for a Saturday night performance of School of Rock. The hand off occurred outside Sardi’s restaurant and the seats were fine. Certainly not front row, but with an unobstructed view and not in the back row either.

What’s the downside? Well, if you’re the kind of person who needs a plan, waiting until the day of the performance to know what you’re going to see might make you antsy. Or, if you have the good fortune of having seen a lot of shows (like more than the four you get to cross off the list), the odds become higher that you’ll get tickets to a show you’ve already seen. Plus, we suspect that if you need more than two tickets, the options for shows become a little sparser. But on the flip side, you get to see a Broadway show for less than half the regular ticket price. What could possibly be wrong with that? So go on, take the gamble. And give our regards to Broadway!

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