This New Yoga Class in Bergen County is Bootilicious

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We know, we know. You’ve got the whole yoga thing down and are totally comfortable at the studio you’ve been hitting up for ... how many years now? Trust us, we wouldn’t try to rock your boat pose if it we didn’t have a good reason. And we’ve got one.


It’s called Buti Yoga – a fusion of primal movement, tribal dance, traditional yoga and plyometrics created by celebrity trainer Bizzie Gold. The practice is meant to awaken the Shakti energy and open up the mind. We sent our fitness editor Helaine Kay to check out a class at Pulse Fitness in Westwood ... and the results were even more yoga-licious than expected.


Buti uses a method called SST (spinal structure technique), a spiral movement that activates your core and entire pelvic region. The class is a combination of dynamic and rhythmic movements meant to keep your heart rate up the entire hour and instructor Krista paired the class with a killer combination of music ranging from tribal rap (who knew that was a thing?) to heart-pounding pop to make you want to move.


“Two minutes in I felt my core working in overdrive,” Helaine says. “And the workout is fun. Fun in a way haven’t experienced in so long. I was hooting and hollering and stamping my feet and moving my body in ways that in any other situation I would be mortified. But in that studio, with a bunch of like-minded women, it felt right.”


Speaking of her classmates: “There was an instant connection and feeling of welcoming from all the women in the class,” she explains. “I felt like I was immediately accepted into this secret tribe of incredible women in all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities. They embraced their bodies and wore their booty shorts and crop tops with such pride. I loved it.”  


Instructor Krista’s story is an inspiring one too. She discovered Buti at a turning point in her life as her marriage was ending and she was about to become a single mom and forge her own new path. Buti helped reclaimed her voice, her sexuality, and her sense of sisterhood. “Her energy is contagious and her body is off the charts insane,” says Helaine. “She is aspirational yet so relatable and deals with many of the same struggles that we all have.”


By the end of class, Helaine was dripping with sweat but also smiling from ear to ear. “It felt like a truly religious experience,” she gushes.


Ready to try it? (Is it possible anyone would say no after reading the above?) Krista offers one hour classes Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 9:30am Pulse Fitness. Drop in classes are $20 and packages are also available.  Be sure to follow Krista on Instagram at @BUTIwithK to find out more.

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