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Now, more than ever, it’s important to realize that kids are our future. Setting them up for success and giving them the skills they need in school and in life begins with the gift of music lessons for the holidays! Our top pick for the best music lessons in Bergen County, NJ is Thurnauer School of Music at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades. Here’s why:

  1. Their music lessons build confidence: Being able to perform on stage in front of an audience is a HUGE skill that allows kids to expand their talents and leadership potential in all areas of life. Thurnauer students have many opportunities to perform on stage and showcase their skills.
  2. Their music lessons are social: Thurnauer offers all kinds of individual and group classes, as well as orchestra and chorus. Kids will not only have the opportunity to study with world-class instructors, but they will also make a ton of new friends!
  3. Their music lessons give kids access to amazing musicians: Students not only learn and gain a new appreciation for great music and talent, but they also get to play with amazing musicians brought in by the school. Who wouldn’t want to play with Joshua Bell or Wynton Marsalis…and yes, we mean play with them!
  4. They nurture kids to explore a variety of music: Jazz, pop, classical and contemporary - what more can you ask for? With so many styles of music, kids will be exposed to the best of the best, and learn what is most exciting to them.
  5. They make learning music fun! Kids learn from the very best, play with other kids and learn amazing skills. This diverse community is vibrant, engaging and tons of fun. .

For a limited time, get 10% off tuition when you enroll during the month of December. So hurry and join now!*

Thurnauer School of Music
Official Website
411 East Clinton Avenue, Tenafly
(201) 408-1465

*(Some restrictions apply)

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