Music Lessons in Bergen County NJ at the JCC’s Thurnauer School of Music (dedicated)

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Do you remember when Grandma gave your toddler that super-fun whistle that he would not let go of? Or when your sister bought your daughter the kiddie drum kit she pounded on for days? Or how your child always runs toward any piano to start playing "Chopsticks"? Kids are naturally drawn to music, and, thankfully, it’s good for their development. Music classes are major brain builders, teach social skills and are an important aspect of raising a well-rounded child. And JCC’s Thurnauer School of Music is the perfect place to sign your kids up for lessons.


The Thurnauer School of Music offers private and group sessions for violin, piano, flute, drums, guitar, cello, oboe, ukulele, harp, and many others. If your child’s voice is their instrument, they can take voice lessons and audition for the Young People’s Chorus to sing at weekly rehearsals and performances throughout the year. There are even specialty classes for jazz and musicianship (that include ear training and music reading) as well as performance ensembles and summer programs. All the classes are taught by distinguished musicians and teachers in nurturing environments, and the kids are given plenty of opportunities to shine in performances.    

Maybe you have a world-class harp player, a tiny opera singer or a drum major on your hands. Even if they're not destined to be first chair, they're sure to develop a deep love and appreciation of music for the rest of their life. So schedule a tour or sign them up today at the JCC’s Thurnauer School of Music.

Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Thurnauer School of Music
Taub Campus
411 East Clinton Ave
Tenafly, NJ 07670
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