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The first time you saw your child play that instrument you knew she was a natural. The way she wails on that horn or he dances his fingers over those strings…greatness will be theirs for sure. But then they started to practice, and that’s when you realized you needed help—like getting great music lessons in Bergen County. You’re super-pleased they’re excited about music, but how much wailing and screeching can one family endure? Aren’t they going to start improving soon? Will the dog ever think it’s safe to come out from under the bed?

Do not despair. You can speed up your li'l prodigy’s learning with some private music lessons in Bergen County at The Performing Arts School at bergenPAC. Sessions range in duration from 30 to 45 or even 60 minutes. Each lesson is created custom to meet your child’s needs. Instructors will make sure your child is practicing properly and learning their instrument effectively. Furthermore, instructors will make sure students learn the material for the Group Jam Session at bergenPAC—just in case they want to join in the fun.    

And, let’s face it, most kids are probably going to feel discouraged about their practice at some point. Learning anything new is challenging. A sensitive instructor can help keep tabs on your child’s energy. They can encourage them, give them new strategies when they’re feeling down, and motivate them to push through those difficult times. Private lessons might just be the thing your little fiddler needs to get through their slump and continue on to greatness. 


So, tell the dog it’s safe to come out from under the bed. You’re going to give bergenPAC’s private lessons a try, and familial harmony is just around the corner.

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