Bergen County Beauty Goes Hollywood with this Celeb Loved Laser Treatment

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We’re sick of hearing about the latest and greatest beauty treatments that celebs can’t stop gushing about only to learn that giving it a try requires a visit to some spa in Beverly Hills. Not exactly a doable day trip for us East Coasters.

Well, we’ve found a buzzy new skin-care procedure that everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Christie Brinkley swear by, and getting it done couldn’t be more convenient. It’s called Clear + Brilliant, and it’s available right here in Bergen County NJ (not even a trip into the city required). Oh, and we’ve tried it for ourselves and we’re absolutely in love with it, along with our skin afterward.

Clear + Brilliant is basically a cutting-edge laser that replaces damaged skin with healthy, younger-looking tissue, making skin smoother, reducing the appearance of pores, improving tone and texture and giving us that glow that always seems to end up disappearing come winter when dry, dull skin takes its place. Right now, Baxt CosMedical Plastic Surgery & Dermatology in Paramus is the only place in Bergen County authorized to use this particular laser. Part of the reason Clear + Brilliant has been getting so much press lately is thanks to the fact it’s the gentlest option of all the resurfacing lasers out there (which helped scaredy-cats like us take the plunge), and there’s minimal downtime—a bit of redness immediately afterward, but we were good to go by the following day, and it’s a much better option than many others we’ve looked into that require holing up for days, or even weeks, while things heal. You’ll may need a few of the 10- to 20-minute treatments to achieve maximum results, but we got lots of "your skin is glowing" comments during the weeks right after treatment #1, that being said we’re already looking forward to our next treatment—and skipping the skin blahs this winter.


Baxt is offering Bergen Mama readers 10 percent off until the end of the year, so mention us when you call to take advantage of this special offer.


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