Le Bon Choix Rotisserie and Cafe Opens

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With everyone from big-box grocery stores to country western singers serving up rotisserie chicken, it’s hard to give a cluck when a new player comes on the scene. So when we stopped by Le Bon Choix, a new chicken-centric dining spot in Ridgewood, we weren’t expecting much, but boy, were our culinary feathers ruffled—in a good way.

With its charming farmhouse vibe and a succulent menu of perfectly prepared poultry, soups, salads, and sandwiches, this rotisserie and café should have no problem satisfying all your “I feel like chicken tonight” moments.

We ordered the “Full” rotisserie chicken, which includes two sides, cornbread, and two sauces (do yourself a favor and try the peanut sauce) and comes cleverly served on a rustic wooden slab. The menu says it feeds two, but it ended up being more than enough for my hungry husband and three kids, who tore into it with abandon. Not bad for $25.

Oh, and about those sides. We tried the succotash (served with sautéed onions and edamame instead of lima beans, much to our kids’ delight) and the mac’n’cheese (decadent, with a crispy, crunchy, panko-crusted top). Both were AMAZING! We also got an extra side of butternut squash ($3.50), which surprised us with its little bits of cranberry hidden inside, and a half-order of the LBC Salad ($4), a savory medley of warm field greens, white beans, fire-roasted tomato, red onion, Parmesan, tapenade, balsamic, and olive oil. Both were MORE than enough to share and totally yummy!

All in all, this place is a really good, affordable option if you’re looking to go out for a family meal. And with a special kids’ menu coming soon and plans to treat little ones to a rooster-shaped cookie they decorate while they eat (an idea the manager picked up from his hero, celeb chef Danny Meyer), you can bet we’ll be coming back to this chicken coop real soon.

Le Bon Choix
11 Godwin Avenue
Ridgewood, NJ

Dining Editor Carla Sullivan is the founder of NYC family dining site MiniMunchers.com and currently lives in Bergen County with her husband and three kids.


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