Knock Them Out!

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Chic BergenMamas everywhere are feeling the frustration… how are we supposed to let our inner fashionista “shine” when we are all covered up in parkas, snow boots and warm winter gear?  All those new adorable spring duds you purchased, just hanging there unworn in your closet.

Okay Mother Nature you win.  We won’t shine - we are going matte!

Knock Out Polish

Here is your chance to express yourself while winter is winding down.  The hottest thing at the fall runway shows is matte polish.  Knock Out Polish (“KO”), was created by Mike Potter, a NYC makeup artist best known for creating the hair and makeup for Hedwig & the Angry Inch. This long lasting polish with no shine makes your nails look like little pools of velvet.  We love the Flatte Black (so goth!) and OX, a beautiful plum color that just makes us smile.

So go matte mama, and let yourself shine!

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Or stop by Bendels:
Henri Bendel
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New York City

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