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Spilled red wine on carpet

You’ve heard of the tooth fairy, the sugarplum fairy, even the fairy godmother, but carpet fairy? 

Yup, mama, he exists.

David Miller is his name.  We call him a “fairy” because he literally works magic.  No carpet stain is a match for him.  David comes into your home, analyzes any stain and methodically dissolves it with his potions and secret equipment.

Red wine on a wool pile?  No problem.  Kid puke on a white shag? Got it.  Even garden variety sneaker tracks are easily erased. 

So next time your dog (or child for that matter) has an “accident” where they shouldn’t, don’t freak out, don’t even touch it.  Let the fairy come in and wash it away.

And have a magical day.

Miller Carpet Cleaning

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