Teach Your Old Dog New Behavior (dedicated)

Get a dog, they said. It'll be fun, they said. But so far, it hasn't been fun. Sure your dog is super cute and you can occasionally see the glimmer of the great family pet they could be. But most of the time you're left wondering why anyone would think your dog is (wo)man's best friend.  David at Disciplined Dog Trainer, in Bergen County, New Jersey understands your frustration and he's here to show you how to get the most out of your relationship with your dog. 

Your experience with Disciplined Dog Trainer begins with a telephone consultation during which David will ask you about your dog's history, your relationship to your pet, and the behaviors your dog is exhibiting that have you concerned. He will then come up with a customized board and train program that will transform your dog's unwanted behaviors to positive ones. David will also work with you on how to maintain these positive changes so that your dog and your family live as one healthy, happy pack. 

Disciplined Dog Trainer's Board-and-Train program is a postive reinforcement immersion program that works wonders on aggressive, fearful or anxious dogs.  During they're stay your dog is exposed daily to real life situations and environments.  Each day, your pet will visit a new location with new sights, sounds and smells to challenge them.  

Sometimes a hiking trail, sometimes a busy city street, sometimes a local business who has given Disciplined Dog Trainer access to their store, restaurant, or office to help your dog learn to behave in all kinds of environments. Your dog will quickly build their confidence as they learn to trust their humans on each of these learning adventures. 

The professionals at Disciplined Dog Trainer have seen it all. They have worked with aggressive dogs (with a perfect success rate so far) to decipher the hidden fear that triggers the dog's instinctive, natural coping mechanism.  Then they patiently heal the dog's aggression issues and, best of all, work with you as their owner to ensure the dog's continuing success once they come back home.  

David also includes basic obedience, leash training, your dog will consistently respond to commands and much more!  Additional helpful services including treadmill training and converting your dog's diet to raw, which is their primal diet that provides all their nutritional needs. 

The bottom line is that your dog needs a job and a purpose, so David will teach you how to fulfill their need for physcial exertion and occupy their minds in ways you can do together as a family.  Once you and your dog understand what being a dog is all about and a structure is maintained you'll have a dog of your dreams and that perfect family member you always wanted. 

So, if you find yourself saying, "We gotta do something about this dog" too often for comfort, text 201.500.9800 and let DDT know a little more about your dog and your situation. DDT will provide all transportation to and from their home training facility. Your dog really does only want to please you. Teach it how to do just that with Disciplined Dog Trainer.  

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