Get Your Home’s Exterior Winter-Ready

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Now that the temperatures are starting to dip, dreams of cozy nights by the fire and indoor family activity time from fort-building to homemade hot chocolate are quickly taking over. But while you're making plans of snuggling up with your loved ones inside, there's one thing you can't overlook – the outside. More specifically, the outside of your home. Checking the efficiency of your home's gutters, roofing, and siding now – before snow, ice, and cold winter winds hit – will keep the outdoor elements where they're supposed to be, and help your home's interior function properly. Check out these steps to get started.


Get Professional Advice

Consult with a trusted company that can provide an inspection and analysis of the condition, age, and installation quality of your home's gutters, roofing, and siding  – the three exterior elements that can make or break your home's efficiency. Be sure to consult with a company that has expertise in this type of home inspection, such as Leaf Free Home Improvements, which provides a full inspection report and can suggest ways to make your home maintenance-free and more energy-efficient.



Excessive algea buildup, shingles lifting, leaks or water stains, and chimney capping are all signs that it's time to contact a professional roofing company to determine if your roof's inefficiency is negatively affecting your home's interior. Or, perhaps your roof is just old (the typical lifespan of a roof varies by material), and every storm is a risk you're willing – or unwilling – to take. Look for a certified roof installer, such as those at Leaf Free Home Improvements, to be sure they are certified and completed a rigorous roofing training that you can trust. If you decide to replace your roofing, be sure to find a company that uses high-quality products such as GAF, Timberline, and Camelot to ensure you'll get coverage that lasts. 



In addition to having original windows, older siding is the quickest way to let heat or air conditioning escape from your home and increase your bills. Take note if you notice an increase in your energy bills month to month – it could also mean your siding may not be insulated. If you have older wood siding that's rotting, buckling, fading, discolored, or showing signs of mold, consider replacing with long-lasting and low-maintenance vinyl siding or Hardi Plank that require little upkeep and cleaning. According to Leaf Free, roofs and siding go hand in hand with an average 20 to 25 year lifespan. 



While it's easy to neglect your gutters, skipping regular maintenance and ignoring small issues could quickly lead to a host of problems, including leaks inside your home. Before thinking you need to replace your gutters, find a licensed and professional trained contractor to evaluate the current state of your gutters. The durable Leaf Free K-Guard gutter system uses the latest innovative technology to prevent clogs from leaves, small branches, fallen acorns and more, while letting the water pass through. Used with Leaf-Free covers, they will help to keep water damage away from your foundation, will deter animals, and stop the constant need to clean and maintain your gutters. This mean less worry and more time spent enjoying your home.

Don't wait for winter to get your home's exterior in check. Checking for efficiency now is the best way to ensure your home is protected during the colder months, so you can keep cozy and happy inside.

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