American Dream Mall Will Have a Food Hall of Your Dreams

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We’ve unabashedly embraced the current foodie culture. We Instagram photos of our lunch, read food blogs religiously, and continue to work our way down every best-of list of local restaurants, we can get our hands on (including our own!). So, we are super stoked to report that the upcoming American Dream mall – future home to all things completely over-the-top – will be unveiling the world’s first MUNCHIES Food Hall. MUNCHIES, if you didn’t know, is VICE Media’s food-focused website and digital video channel that tells the stories that revolve around food – from the restaurant world to home cooks to global cuisine. It’s an impressive outlet, for sure, and it’s even won a James Beard Award, so rest assured, that the food hall is most likely going to be something special ... and, of course delicious.


The 38,000-square-foot space will seat 400 and is slated to house over 100 eating establishments and15-18 full service eateries from different and diverse vendors helmed by culinary talent from around the world. And for those who are Kosher, they've got you covered too, with a separate and distinct Kosher Food Hall as well. And in case you get bored of the options, they'll be pop up restaurants to keep things even more exciting. Also expect spaces for filming MUNCHIES content, special events, and demos from visiting chefs. The good news is the mega mall with its indoor ski slope, spa, amusement park, aquarium, hotel, and crazy amount of retail and restaurants is supposed to be up and running in March. The bad news is this is American Dream and infamous for pushing its opening date. But whenever it opens, we’ll be here waiting. And you can bet your bottom bowl of uni pasta we’re going in hungry.


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