9 Reasons to Love the New Bareburger Closter Plaza

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We were on cloud nine when we heard a brand spankin’ new, gorgeous Bareburger was coming to our neck of the woods (Closter Plaza, to be exact), so what better way to celebrate the delicious news than by compiling our nine reasons why this place is burger heaven.

1. The Burger

Let’s start with the obvious—the meat! Every Bareburger starts with super-fresh, locally raised ground beef (or bison, elk, duck, turkey, or chicken), all from free-range, pasture-raised animals that have never even heard of antibiotics or hormones, let alone ingested them. Meat not on your menu? They’ve got a killer veggie option, too, made with sweet potato, black beans, and quinoa.

2. The Bun

Putting a premium burger on a store-bought bun would be a crime. That’s why Bareburger offers not one but FOUR bad-ass bun options: brioche, sprout, tapioca rice (for you gluten-free gals). Or skip the bread altogether and have your burger wrapped in a collard green leaf (diet goals- achieved!).


3. Menu With a Mission

Bareburger is dedicated to great-tasting grub with no funny business. That means (as much as possible) produce that is free of pesticides and GMOs, poultry and eggs that aren’t limited to cages, proteins that are grass-fed and humanely raised, and drinks that are composed of natural flavors.

4. A BAR!

As if you needed another reason to linger at the new Closter Plaza, get ready for cocktails and mocktails you'll love.

5. Have It Your Way

When it comes to how your burger is prepared, the answer here is always “well done.” Diners are encouraged to customize their burgers with a wide range (over 30 in all!) of FREE toppings, sauces, and spreads.


6. It’s a Critic’s Choice

Don’t just take our word for it:

“Best Fries in NYC” – A.M. New York

Winner of the James Beard Foundation Blended Burger Project

“Best Tasting Vegetarian Burger”– Travelers Today

“Philly’s Most Ordered Burger” – Eater Philadelphia

“50 Best Burgers in America” – Business Insider

 “10 Best Burgers in NYC” – Zagat

Oh, and did we mention it’s Michelin recommended?

7. Bomb Salads

Not a burger gal? No worries, the salad choices at Bareburger make it so easy to stick to that healthy eating plan you set forth during New Years (and yes, they also taste amazing!).

8. They Will Deliver!

Do we even need to explain? CLICK HERE to get started.

9. Dessert!

You’ve already eaten a burger and fries, and probably washed it down with a soda, so why not go all-out and order dessert too? Bareburger certainly makes it tempting, offering a slew of sundaes and shakes (all made with Blue Marble ice cream) and baked goods supplied by Flourish Bakery.

Bareburger- Opening Soon!
19 Vervalen St, Closter NJ
Mon – Thurs: 11:30AM to 10:00PM

Fri: 11:30AM to 11:00PM

Sat: 10:00AM to 11:00PM

Sun: 10:00AM to 10:00PM

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