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Our instinct as parents is to do whatever it takes to make our children feel confident, secure, and cared for. But when they're struggling in school, it's sometimes hard to know exactly how to help them. It takes a highly trained professional like Dr. Emily Levy, of EBL Coaching, to assess our children and their situation, and then implement a tutoring plan to get them the educational support they need. 

EBL Coaching specializes in one-on-one tutoring for students in grades preK-12 with learning challenges. Tutoring sessions occur either in person or virtually in your home, or on site at one of their two locations in Englewood, New Jersey or the Upper East Side of Manhattan. EBL's seasoned, experienced learning specialists use their extensive training to provide students with effective research-based, multi-sensory techniques to help them develop their reading, writing, math, note-taking, test taking, and executive functioning skills. EBL offers specialized instruction for students with dyslexia, learning disabilities, executive functioning challenges, and ADHD, using the Orton Gillingham methodology and other tools for building academic skills.  

Under the direction of Dr. Emily Levy, each student is evaluated to determine their educational needs and is then matched with one of EBL's learning specialists. That assessment is then used to create an individualized learning plan targeting each student's needs. 

It is not just a student's academic progress and performance by which EBL measures its success. It is also important to the EBL learning specialist that their tutoring boosts students' self-esteem and motivation since, as we know, students often allow their academic difficulties to affect their views of themselves as scholars. The tutors at EBL Coaching are proud of the hundreds of testimonials from parents who are grateful not only for the improvement in their child's academics but also the confidence and competence with which they now approach their schoolwork.  It is these strategies, skills and lessons that students will be able to apply to all future academic endeavors.

For more informaton about EBL Coaching or to request a consultation, please visit the website, call 201.567.8988, or check their Instagram or Facebook

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