West Rock Indoor Events Space: The Perfect Party Place

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Bouncy house birthday parties at the local play space are so 2009—Get way more birthday bounce for the ounce by hosting your next big bash at West Rock Indoor Sports & Entertainment Complex.

This newly renovated family-fun emporium totally rocks when it comes to getting the party started. With over 100,000 square feet of space, 40-foot ceilings, an on site kitchen, and a friendly, professional staff ready to assist you, West Rock specializes in making all your party wishes a reality. We’re talking slam-dunk sports-themed parties, live DJ dance parties that get everyone off their feet, and arcade-action-filled affairs that spell game over for that run-of-the-mill party center you booked last year. And it’s not just kids who love rocking out at West Rock—adults can get in on the fun, too, with full-service custom party packages tailored to Bar Mitzvahs, graduation parties, weddings, family reunions, corporate gatherings, and every special event under the sun.

Need another reason to head to West Rock for your next big bash? How about 10,000 of them? Join them on Sunday, November 30, for a super-fun (and totally free) taste of how they can turn your next big day (or night) into party-down moment you’ll never forget and enter for a chance to win a party package worth $10,000! It’s an RSVP you won’t want to miss.

Enter to win a $10,000 credit towards a party at West Rock Indoor: Click Here

Check out the details of their Party Showcase on November 30th: Click Here

West Rock Indoor Sports and Entertainment Complex
21 Pralle Lane at Route 304
Bardonia, New York

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