4 Perfect Place Settings You’ll Be Thankful for this Thanksgiving

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You’ve brined the bird, cooked a killer cranberry sauce, and prepared a pair of pumpkin pies from scratch, but being a holiday hostess with the mostest doesn’t stop in the kitchen—it also means creating the perfect place for you and your guests to eat it all. Feast your eyes on these four table arrangements created by entertaining expert Francesco Bilotto guaranteed to make this Turkey Day terrific.  (for more ideas and holiday inspo check out our Pinterest Board here)


Rustic & Casual

-Turn to wood and woven elements to create a rustic feel.
-Use old black & white photographs of family and friends as your table decor
-For a more casual buffet dinner, set up an area where guests can grab their napkins and plates.

This works great when entertaining in a smaller space, or serving buffet style.

Traditional with a Twist

-Create a garland to run down your table
I mixed a gold holiday garland with fresh floral elements, ceramic blue & white ornamental balls.
-Have a book or journal on the table
This is great way for all to express what they are thankful for this year, also  a real treat to pull out and reflect on through the years.

Chic & Modern

-Silver always sets a cool feel to any table,
I used a silver mirrored tray and white floral arrangement , white bird figurine and two votives for the centerpiece.
-Use placemats instead of a tablecloth.
I love a round place mat, you can fit more settings at the table.
-A mini pumpkin or gourd placed on top of a dinner napkin is a a great finishing touch .

Basic guidelines for this look: make sure to color block and to keep your décor simple & clean.

Kid-Friendly Native Tablescape

Something fun when setting up a kids table, try setting up the ottoman, or coffee table, instead of that dreaded foldable card table.
-Place a few floor pillows so they can sit comfortably
-Cut old denim and cut squares for napkins.
-Create a centerpiece with apples or fruit so they can snack healthy after dinner.

I also placed a book about Thanksgiving as well to help with the theme and encourage a conversation on sharing…

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