The Tastiest Food Trucks In and Around Bergen County

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If you're hosting an outdoor celebration, likely the last thing you want to do is spend most of the time in your kitchen. Here's some food for thought: bring in a food truck to check that item off your list. Food trucks not only provide delicious meal options to satisfy your guests, they add to a fun environment for any type of bash. Create the perfect menu with your food truck vendor and let them take care of the rest for you. From decadent dessert trucks to savory selections, here are some of the most delicious food trucks in Bergen County and beyond.


Sweet Food Trucks

The Cupcake Carriage For next-level desserts including cookies, cupcakes and cake pops, The Cupcake Carriage is ready to help you indulge. Their beautiful sweets and packages can be customized for your event and look almost too good to eat, but are so tasty you'll have no choice but to try.


The Brownie Bar Not your standard chocolate brownie, The Brownie Bar food truck offers their classic flavors such as caramel sea salt, funfetti and pecan pie brownie, as well as "adult" brownies (aka baked cocktails) such as White Russian brownie and Mojito Blondie. And stay tuned for the opening of their first store, The Brownie Bar cafe, coming soon!


Conrad's Confectionery The neighborhood ice cream shop in Westwood, best known for their huge ice cream sandwiches, offers their sweets and treats menu for their food truck offerings. Choose from a number of their homemade -- and allergy-friendly -- treats such as the vanilla chocolate chip ice cream sandwich, Swedish Fish fresh pop or raspberry love bar.


Curbside Confections Want to literally feel like a kid at the candy store? The Milky Way is the limit when it comes to the sweet options offered with Curbside Confections. Their truck is fully customizeable and can include a huge variety of candy, ice cream, donuts and cotton candy. Curbside Confections also offers hot food from Taco Bell, Shake Shack and more for an all-in-one experience.


Sweet Ice Queen Taking your average ice cream truck up a notch, Sweet Ice Queen offers your standard bars as well as homemade flavors such as Raspberry Oreo and Sea Salt caramel. With the fun floral design of her truck's interior and exterior, you'll be treating your guests to ice cream with class.


Polkadot Cake Shop Cupcakes and cocktails in one -- where to sign up? Polkadot Cake Shop's pink and white camper is fully customizable, with a number of cupcakes flavors to choose from. Choose from classics like red velvet, to premium flavors such as snickerdoodle, to liquor infused options such as strawberry margarita.


Savory Food Trucks

Eat My Balls Authentic Sicilian rice balls are the name of the game with this food truck, which is serving up classic rice balls and beyond, such as The Soprano (sausage, peppers and onions) and Great Balls of Fire (shredded chicken and buffalo sauce). Dessert balls such as The Nutella Ball are also available. Their menu is seasonal and guaranteed delicious.


Bro-Ritos Because everyone loves a flavorful burrito, Bro-Ritos' extensive burrito, taco and quesadilla menu is sure to set your celebration on fire. Choose from items such as the Chicken Chipotle Bro and Sweet Peppers Bro for a super satisfying meal. Visit their flagship location in Hackensack to try some of the goods before planning your menu. 


The Rolling Pita The Rolling Pita's mobile Mediterranean menu, including gyros, kebabs, hummus and falafel, is cooked to flavorful perfection. With a number of meat and vegetarian items available, this truck is sure to be a hit at any event.


Mike's MeatHeads Because nothing pleases a crowd quite like southern comfort food, Mike's MeatHeads Mobile Meat Wagon offers everything from the classic comfort food like pulled pork sandwiches and chili to more adventurous options like alligator bites and beer can chicken.


Angry Archie's Based in Jersey City, this family-run, award-winning business bring seafood faves (and more) to you. The menu includes fresh crab cakes, lobster rolls, crab poutine and a chicken sandwich for meat lovers.


Chicken & Waffles on Wheels Want to suprise your guests with out-of-the-box, comfort food that satisfied the sweet and savory tooth? Chicken & Waffles on Wheels offers chicken and waffle sandwiches in flavors such as sweet teriyaki and honey bbq. For a super sweet taste, check out their cereal waffles in flavors such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles. 

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