Food Made Beautiful With A Charcuterie Board

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Food that looks (almost) too good to eat? Fancify your holidays or next get-together with a charcuterie board -- a beautifully displayed array of meats, cheeses, fruit, spreads and even dessert items. Charcuterie boards are an easy way to step up your appetizer and grazing game while providing that "wow" factor when it comes to food. Whether you're planning an intimate get-together or hosting both sides of the extended family for the holidays, there are plenty of size and style options for charcuterie boards in and around Bergen County to please everyone's palate.


A&D Charcuterie Sweets, meats, cheese and more can be customized in a variety of box sizes and shapes. Keep it basic or choose from a number of holiday themes available. Meats are so intricately displayed you may want it for display only, but the taste is worth it.




Plated By D Food creativity knows no bounds with Plated By D's "charcuterie for the soul" boards. Everything is fully customizeable, with prix fixe menu options available as well as unordinary plates options that can include fruit, crudite, bread or breakfast. 




Fig & Cheese Using only the freshest and highest quality meat and cheese ingredients, Fig & Cheese creates platters big and small for every type of event. All boards and trays are custom-ordered, with holiday themes available plus beautiful boards available to rent so your food can be displayed in high style.




Bellissima Boards Creative charcuterie boards range in size from small to extra large to suit any size gathering. Or, check out their boxes, charcuterie cups, letter and number boards, plus custom message boards available to make any event extra special. Vegetarian boards are also available to accommodate your guests' dietary needs.





jojo Boards These custom crafted boards include everything you would need for entertaining: fine meats and cheese, fruit, olives, nuts, spreads and sweets. Add in a personalized themed option, which are available for that special delicious touch.  




Boards of Education Let your charcuterie board serve as the main event with Boards of Education's lessons in properly satisfying your taste buds. From their popular Italian boards (meats, cheese, roasted peppers and pre-cut fresh bread) to their candy boards that are super sweet to eat and look at, your guests are sure to be pleased.




Say Cheese Bergen County Food and fun in one? Look for Say Cheese's beautiful adorned boards and boxes packed with their popular menu items, or take a stab at creating your own with their DIY Kits and charcuterie building classes so you can look like a pro in front of your friends and family.




Boarded Choose from their huge selection of boards and boxes, which include vegan boards, fruit boards, crudites boards, and regular charcuterie options made with fresh, local produce and cured meats and cheeses. Dessert boards with cookies, brownies, donuts, truffles and more are also available.




Boards By Daniella All boards are made from eco-friendly wood, and can be customized with an assortment of meat, cheese, crackers, fruit, nuts, candy, chocolate and even edible flowers. Looking for something unique? Boards by Daniella can be completely customized based on seasonality, color schemes as well as dietary restrictions including Keto, plant-based and ethnically inspired.

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