Wegmans Montvale Takes Supermarket Shopping to a New Level

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There are milestone moments in our adult lives that are emblazoned into our memories forever: Getting our first real job, our wedding day, the birth of our children. And today we add another to that list: The opening of our first local Wegmans, right here in Montvale NJ. Sure, you may think we’re being dramatic, but that’s only because you haven’t checked it out yet. 

Indeed, at 7 a.m. this morning—a full year after we first shared the news of its impending arrival—Wegmans’ 94th store is opening right here in Montvale, its 108,000 square feet boasting everything you would ever want in a grocery store and a million other things you never knew you wanted. The aisles are wide, the selection is vast, the organic offerings are off-the-chart, the prices are ridiculously reasonable, and the employees bend over backwards to get you exactly what you want.

Step into the shiny new space, and the first thing you’ll notice is the ginormous produce section that offers just about every fruit and veggie in existence along with a killer fresh-cut section offering everything from chopped broccoli for stir-fries to spiralized squash for zoodles to cauliflower rice for low-carb pizza. And if you can’t find the vegetable you’re looking for chopped to your liking, just bring it over to the fresh-cut produce counter to have it sliced or diced as you wish. Yes, really.



Other departments are just as impressive: Sustainable seafood gets delivered every day; meats are guaranteed to be free of antibiotics and hormones; most of the fresh breads are baked in house; and the specialty cheese department comes with bells and whistles like its very own humidity controlled misting case and soft cheeses “cave ripened” in house.


You’ll probably get to know the prepared sections really well as the place is jam-packed with ready-to-cook entrees, brick-oven pizzas, a sushi bar, soup station, sub shop; and hot and cold bars offering salads, Asian fare, vegetarian offerings, and plenty more. And if you want to take the brood for a burger, you can grab a table at The Burger Bar by Wegmans, a family-friendly eatery dishing up burgers of all kinds, of course, but also good stuff like shakes, sandwiches, salads and sundaes.

Bonus! Beginning on September 27th, Wegmans will be partnering with Insta Cart so that local shoppers can order groceries online and have them delivered to their door an hour later. (Swoon.)



There’s more, as you might suspect: a fresh flower department, pharmacy, and wine and spirit shop (that does regular tastings, woohoo!), but we think we’ve said enough. Bottom line: It's clear that Wegmans lives up to the hype of being Consumer Reports' number one grocery store pick and—as we’ve mentioned before—a favorite of both Cher and Alec Baldwin's mom. See you there (all the time.)


Wegmans Food Market, 100 Farm View, Montvale

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