Wegmans Montvale at The Shoppes at DePiero Farm: The Latest

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Hold the phone—we have a Wegmans update.

As we shared a while back, a new 109,000-square-foot outpost of the fabled supermarket will officially open its doors at marketplace The Shoppes at DePiero Farm in Montvale on September 24 (so put it in your calendar now because you know they’re going to have some killer grand opening festivities). Earlier this year, the retailer announced it was looking for 500 employees for the location, and we’ve just gotten word that they’ve hired about half of that number so far and are still looking for another 250 cooks, managers and customer service employees, so yeah, we’re close.

Why all the excitement? Well, the place will offer pretty much everything you need in life at very reasonable prices (especially when compared to another upscale grocery chain that we won’t name but was just acquired by a company that rhymes with Hamizon). That’s because Wegmans is practically a city unto itself with an attached wine, beer and liquor store; a sushi bar; sub shop; expansive prepared-foods section; excellent take-home dinner offerings; onsite pharmacy; and The Burger Bar by Wegmans, a family-friendly eatery dishing up good stuff like shakes, sandwiches, salads and sundaes, in addition to its beloved burgers.

But, it turns out, there will indeed be other businesses at the 200,000-square-foot-plus shopping center after all, including an Ulta, European Wax Center, Starbucks, Chipotle and a Habit Burger Grill. Yes, another burger place. All we can say is good thing summer will be over by then!

Wegmans, The Shoppes at DiPiero Farm, Montvale


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