Wegmans Upscale Grocery Store is Officially Taking Over North Jersey

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You may remember when we announced some really big news six months ago: that the beloved upscale grocery chain Wegmans would be opening its first location in Bergen County, becoming the anchor tenant at the anticipated new retail marketplace, Shoppes at DePiero Farm. And then … radio silence. When, oh when, would it all come to fruition and be ours? When would we be able to stroll the wide Wegmans aisles stopping to bask in the glory of a ridiculously expansive gourmet cheese section, grabbing sub sandwiches with one hand and sushi with the other, stopping to taste a California cab, and then buying a take-home dinner for four because we've spent so much time at the grocery store there's no way we have time to cook dinner anymore. The answer, we're happy to report, is officially September 24. Yes, it's another six months, but three of those months takes place in summer, so obvs it will fly by.


As a reminder, the reason we're all so excited about the damn place is its reputation for having, like, everything in the world and then some, and being reasonably priced. This particular location, which will total 109,000 square feet, will also be home to The Burger Bar by Wegmans, a family-friendly eatery doling out burgers, salads, sandwiches, and specialty milkshakes, along with an attached wine, beer, and liquor shop. Wegmans also just announced it's hiring 500 (!) employees for the location and it recently ranked second on Fortune's list of the 100 best companies to work for, which is just a good thing overall.


If you simply can't wait until September, you can head two counties over to the new Parsippany location, which will officially become the first store to open in North Jersey on July 23. In the meantime, we'll be writing up our shopping list. See you in September!

Wegmans Montvale 
50 Chestnut Ridge Rd., Suite 108, Montvale

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