The Coolest Ice Cream Shops Around Bergen County, NJ

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In case the unusually warm (and much welcomed) weather didn't give it away, near-spring has definitely entered the chat. And with that brings one of the most delicious and joyful parts of this time of the year: ice cream season. From vegan flavors to the most decadent creations this side of NJ, Bergen County is home to delicious ice cream shops with flavors that please every taste — and taste bud, and many are starting to re-open their doors now that March is here.


Below, we're spilling some of the creamiest and most creative cones in the neighborhood, so be sure to head over to one of these top ice cream spots, lickety split!


Uncle Louie G With more than 30 ice cream flavors to choose from including kid-pleasers such as cookie monster, Swedish fish and nutella, as well as a variety of Italian ice options from chocolate mousse to passionfruit, plus shakes and sundaes, Uncle Louie G is serving up sugary smiles for every liking. You can find locations around the area including Park Ridge, Maywood, and Ramsey. (96 E Main Street, Ramsey; 111 West Pleasant Ave., Maywood; 135 Park Ave., Park Ridge)


BrainFreeze Cones, cups, shakes, and cakes with hard and soft serve flavors such as Oreo cookie and banana cream pie are served up at BrainFreeze. Tons of toppings are available including brownie bites, snickers and wet walnuts as well as ice cream choices such as Mudslide, Cotton Candy, and Orange Sherbet with Vanilla Ice Cream. You can even get yummy bites down to the last crunch with specialty cones like the M&M cone. (370 River Rd., New Milford)


Ice Cream Charlie's The latest and most innovative flavors at this mom and pop shop change up fast, so your delish treat is always a sweet surprise. Daily concoctions include Rice Krispie Treat, Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Devil Dog, and Caramel Kit Kat. Check out their Facebook page for daily updates on the newest creations. (200 Park Ave., Rutherford)


Ernie's Ice Cream Whether you’re a hard ice cream fan or a soft-served person, Ernie’s has something for everyone. Adventurous ice creamers will love the hard serve Ernielicious flavors such as Campfire S’mores, Black Raspberry Blast, and Sea Salt Caramel Truffle, or creative soft serve flavors such as Key Lime Pie, German Chocolate Cake, and Root Beer. Dairy-free options are available too, plus Italian ice and sundaes. (78 Franklin Tpke., Mahwah)


Stack Creamery No two ice cream sandwiches are the same at Stack Creamery. The way it works: pick your cookie from 10 flavors including birthday cake and snickerdoodle (can't decide? mix and match!); pick your filler from ice cream flavors including cake batter and cookie monster; choose your topping. Regular ice cream and donut ice cream sandwiches also make an appearance on the too-good-to-be-true menu. (287 Westwood Ave., Westwood)



Conrad’s Confectionery There are certain dessert spots that are always reliably there for us, and Conrad’s is no exception. Aside from their classic cups and cones, Conrad’s offers Homemade Bars in flavors such as chocolate and raspberry, and vanilla and chocolate. Ice cream sandwiches, ice cream pies and plenty of toppings keep this old-time spot fresh. (107 Westwood Ave., Westwood, now open)


Cranberry Junction Ice Cream While we love the smooth and creamy flavors from Rocky Road to Cherry Vanilla, the Gellato and crazy shakes take this ice cream spot to the next level. Gellato flavors include Espresso Chip and Chocolate & Nutella, while the dreamy shakes come in a variety of flavors topped with plenty of candy — perfect for sharing. (19 Temple Ave., Hackensack)


Van Dyk’s Ice Cream This no-frills ice cream shop is anything but basic, with new homemade flavors added regularly. While any choice is a good one, some highlights include Butter Pecan, Peanut Butter Oreo, Raspberry Truffle, and vegan Peanut Butter. Van Dyk’s can get busy as spring moves into summer, but it's worth the wait. (145 Ackerman Ave., Ridgewood)



Van Leeuwen at American Dream This NYC transplant at American Dream is not just good, it’s good for you (or at a minimum, won't do much damage). Van Leeuwen uses simple, choice ingredients to create classic flavors including malted cookie dough shake and mint chip, as well as vegan flavors including cookies & cream caramel swirl, and churros & fudge. (1 American Dream Way, East Rutherford, Court A Level 2)


Francy’s Artisanal Ice Cream This small batch (versus mass-produced) ice cream shop in Bergenfield has unique, delicious (and quite beautiful!) seasonal flavors such as Cannoli, Mango Graham, Matcha Cookies and Cream, and Sampaguita & Elderflower, and tasty milkshakes with toppings of your choice. Plus, they have a rotating list of regularly introduced flavors. (461 S. Washington Avenue, Bergenfield)


Daniela’s Ice Cream Natural, fresh ingredients are the name of the game at this family-owned spot in Closter. Find gluten-free and vegan options, such as their Vegan Coffee Oreo, plus standard flavors and unique offerings including Birthday Cake, Lavender Honey, Lemon Poppyseed, and Thai Tea. Their frequently-changing offerings will keep you coming back for more. (234 Closter Dock Rd., Closter)


Blendid Rolled Ice Cream Looking for something a little different for your creamy consumption? Blendid Rolled Ice Cream brings the trendy, styled ice cream to Hackensack. Ice cream is flattened and rolled into tubes, then topped off with their delish extras. Choose from their signature flavors such as banana puddin, cinnamon swirl, cookie monster, and s'mores, among others. While the spot is currently closed for the winter, keep an eye out for a spring opening date soon. (291 Main St., Hackensack)


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