This Wellness Nutritionist is Fighting Obesity One Kid at a Time (dedicated)

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By now we all know about our country’s childhood obesity epidemic. What we’re not sure of is what to do about it. One Bergen County woman is trying to change that.  Régine Jefferson, CEO of Body by Régine is on a mission to drastically reduce and eventually end childhood obesity through both her personal consulting services for her clients and the program she’s introducing to private and public schools so that her steps to health and wellness can be part of the curriculum.


And if anyone is equipped to take on such a massive mission it’s Jefferson. She’s an avid athlete who studied pre-med and received a bachelor’s degree of science in biology and health professions. She also has a certification in child nutrition and cooking from Stanford University along with certifications in the science of training young athletes, the new Nordic diet, personal training, and sports nutrition. 


Jefferson has vowed to use her education and knowledge to help others transition to a healthier lifestyle, currently has a partnership with Whole Foods, and recently started working with nonprofits including Girls, Inc.


Her client services focus heavily on medical science, health, wellness, she completely customizes programs to clients’ needs. “We take pride in applying science-based facts to help those attain and maintain their goals,” she explains. “If a coach can’t explain why your body is functioning the way it is or why a particular level of hormone in the body is of a specific level, in layman’s terms, he or she doesn't have the proper knowledge.”


Jefferson focuses on adults as well as adolescents and also offers programs for families to help them work together to forge a path to a healthy lifestyle together. After all, it’s hard for kids to eat well if they’re constantly exposed to their parents’  bad habits. (No judgment! We all do it!). She also offers adolescents fitness & nutrition packages, athlete & sports-specific programs, meal kits and more. 

Ready to make sure your family is on the right track to health and wellness? Contact Régine and get 10% off services through this Bergen Mama discount link. And dump those donuts while you’re at it!


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