This Challah Maven Will Start Your New Year Off Right

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Remember Rosh Hashana when you were a kid? Remember going to Bubbe's and seeing the challah fresh from the oven and the babkas just waiting to be cut and served? You can still taste them. No really, you can literally still taste delicious challah and babkas if you order from Lana’s Babkas for the holidays.


Lana’s Babkas is a small bakery in upstate New York that offers babkas, rugalach, and a variety of flavors of challah regularly and other baked goodies that are tailored to the Jewish holidays during the rest of the year. Everything they bake is Kosher, Pareve and challah is taken from every batch of dough.  


We may or may not have been stalking their Insta feed and in addition to round challah and round cinnamon challah for Rosh Hashana (and garlic and everything challah for everyday) recent delicacies we’ve spotted include: a black and white cookie that involves a brownie and ganache (yes, please!), a honey cookie with hopes that your upcoming year will be sweet, and a Twinkie cake that really has nothing to do with the holiday but we’re intrigued and would absolutely offer ourselves as tribute if one needed it to be taste tested. 


Why are we telling you all this if the bakery is in upstate New York? Because they ship! So, though we don’t often say this, we’d like to recommend that you stop reading and head over to their website so you can get your handmade, from scratch yummies that will bring you back to grandma’s kitchen all those years ago. Wishing you Shanah Tovah Umetukah, a good, sweet year!

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