These Two Women Have Visited over 500 Sleep Away Camps & Teen Programs! (dedicated)

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When it comes to choosing a summer camp or teen program for your kids, getting some  recommendations from other moms is a good thing. But getting recommendations from a couple of local moms who just so happen to work for advisory service The Camp Experts & Teen Summers, and do the research for a living, well, that’s an amazing thing.

Advisors Lara Weinberg and Debbie Rosen-Alfonso have visited hundreds of camps themselves, have access to a database of more than 1,000 camps and teen programs personally assessed by The Camp Experts, and can help you narrow down the dizzying choices to find the perfect fit for your kids, whether they want to spend the summer coding or kayaking.

Weinberg and Rosen-Alfonso spend all year educating themselves on the options – touring camps while they’re in session in the summer to see what’s new and different, and meeting with program directors of teen and campus programs throughout the fall and winter months to get the lowdown on all of the offerings. Since they’re both moms themselves, they totally get that the decision involves more than just taking kids’ likes and dislikes into account, but also factors ranging from age to allergies to social interests along with parents’ own parameters – things like budget, distance, and length of program.

Here’s the coolest part: You just reach out and they’ll do the legwork (for free!) – providing you with deets on multiple programs so you can set up summer camp tours or get the ball rolling on applying to teen travel, pre-college enrichment, community service and even wilderness expeditions.

Man, being a kid sounds fun (probably because it is).


The Camp Experts & Teen Summers

Debbie Rosen-Alfonso., 201.391.6165 or 845.357.3880

Lara Weinberg,, 201.375.3778

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