These Restaurants in Bergen County NJ and Beyond are Serving Up the CRAZIEST Milkshakes

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When we’re on our best behavior, our summer sweet treat might be a little fro-yo with fruit. When we’re ready to throw a bit more caution to the wind, we move on to full-on ice cream with a topping or two. But when we want to really live like there’s no tomorrow (or at least no tomorrow with a scale nearby) we go full-on milkshake, turning to that decadent and delicious old-fashioned indulgence. Here are the 7 restaurants in Bergen County NJ and beyond doling out the best—and most over-the-top—shakes in and around Bergen County right now. Sorry and you’re welcome. 

Don't even try to order breakfast and save this one for dessert. 
Fruity Pebbles Donut and Cupcake Shake (shake of the week)  (Brownstone Pancake Factory
Yummy newcomer Bing's Burgers is doing it right serving up shakes with stacked burgers.
Nutella Peanut Butter Milkshake (Bing’s Burger, 249 Main St, Fort Lee)
'Go with friends' is all we're going to say about Coney Waffle's over-the-top creations.
Great BBQ + Great Shakes = Happy Diners
The originator of the Over-the-Top-Shake- grab the gang and get ready for lines.
Milk & Cookies Milkshake (Black Tap NYC, mulitple locations)
Attn all sweet tooths of Bergen County, get your fix at Sogno, trust us.
Cookie Dough Float (Sogno Coffee House
Yes, just yes.
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