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Tantrums.  Persistent Coughs. Defiance. Belly Aches. 

Oh, the joys of motherhood.

Lucky for us we’ve got two crusaders in the field who make family life a wee bit easier.

Let us introduce you to Dr. Lawrence Rosen, a.k.a “Dr. Green” and his ecologically-sustainable integrative medicine pediatric practice, The Whole Child Center in Oradell . The approach is progressive if not completely revolutionary. Check this out: office wait times of just three to four minutes. Online forms and test results (look mom, no paper!) An integration of holistic healing-homeopathic medicine with traditional methods, like garlic oil for persistent nagging ear infections, for example. It’s a “high tech/ high touch” approach, including methods like Reiki, acupuncture, yoga and infant massage. All three doctors (Dr. Lawrence Rosen, Dr. Heather Jeney and Dr. Stacey Linwood) and holistic nurse Karen Overgaard, are available on e-mail and typically spend more time with parents and patients than your average docs. It’s just part of their whole approach.

Now meet the “Tantrum Tamer,” a.k.a. Jill Weynert at the Englewood Center for Learning and Child Development. Weynert, who moved her practice from NYC four years ago, has a Masters in psychology and special education and specializes in Tantrums (yes, with a capital T) and other behavioral issues with kids, including children with special needs. This ain’t no Nanny 911, folks. Though she frequently makes house calls to observe the situation on hand, she uses positive rewards and applied behavior analysis to get the job done—and to restore order and peace for all parties involved.

We think this is all worth having a big fit about.

The Whole Child Center
690 Kinderkamack Road Suite 102
Oradell (201-634-1600)

Jill Weynert
Englewood Center For Learning and Development
96 Engle Street
Englewood (201-503-0995)


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