The Hottest Holiday Toys for 2017 That Are Already Selling Out

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Congratulations! You’re killing it on the fall dinner prep/carpool logistics, and you just got your kids to commit to a Halloween costume. Time to put your feet up and enjoy a little well-earned R&R, right? Nope—you’ve got to start shopping for holiday gifts. But we’re here to help with a list of the Top 10 Holiday Toys for 2017.



Flying a drone looks so easy. Then you try it, and you realize it’s anything but. Until now. The Aura drone is controlled by a remote control glove. Once the glove is paired with the quad copter, you control the drone by raising, lowering or tilting your hand. Plus, the protective cage means the Aura can roll across the floor and up walls. The Aura Drone sells for around $100. Age 6+.




Not quite ready to get your kids the puppy they’re begging for this holiday season? Why not buy yourself another year with a Fingerling? These mini robotic monkeys (there’s also a hard-to-find unicorn) cling to your finger, hang by their tails and react to sound, motion and touch. They laugh, coo, blink, toot (yes, you read that right) and talk. Then, when they’re tired, your child can rock them to sleep. Fingerlings start at $15. Age 5+.

Scoop & Learn Ice Cream Cart

Outfit your little entrepreneur with a state-of-the-art ice cream cart and all the fixin’s. Place your order or let them follow the instructions on an order card to fill orders of varying complexity for their animal customers. Then watch as the magic scooper identifies ice cream flavors and your kid learns about colors, memory, matching and sequencing. MSRP $40. Ages 2-5.



A hot ticket among the pre- and elementary school set, Luvabella has already sold out a few times. So if you have a little mama who wants to cuddle, soothe, feed, and burp her (or his, there’s a Luvabeau too) baby, snap this doll up when you see it. Luvabella also learns more the more you play with her. She will go from baby babble to having a vocabulary of 100 words. And you’ll get just what you most wanted—another kid to talk back to you! Luvabella retails for around $100. Ages 4+.



Droid Inventor Kit

The Droid Inventor Kit will allow your child to get in on the action just in time for the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. With this customizable and expandable kit, your child will have everything they need to build a droid using Little Bits electronic blocks. Once built to their satisfaction, they can pair their droid with the companion app to learn control and complete missions. The Force is strong with this one. MSRP $99.95. Ages 8+.


It’s not a bubble, not a balloon. Use the inflator and watch each pellet magically grow into an Oonie. Oonies can be stuck together to make amazing creatures, designs and structures. No glue, no water, no mess. Starter packs from $20.00. Ages 5+.


L.o.L. Surprise Tots

It’s a gift inside a gift! Unwrap seven layers of surprises, including stickers, shoes and an outfit that all give clues to the doll hidden underneath. Then used the enclosed water bottle to give your brand new tot a bath and reveal a hidden water feature. Or, go for the mac daddy Big Surprise and unwrap fifty surprises as you make your way to the doll at the end. Small surprises are $10. Big surprises are $70. Ages 4+.



Don’t forget your big kids with this interactive, fast-paced music-mixing game. The Dropmix gaming system comes with the game board, 60 Dropmix cards and the downloadable app. Use the cards to compete with friends and create the ultimate song mix. Additional Playlist packs sold separately. Dropmix gaming system retails for $99.99. Ages 16+.

Peppa Pig Lights and Sound Family Home Playset

Your Peppa Pig fan will go hog wild when s/he sees this seven-room, four-floor family home. Lights, sounds, songs, furniture, Peppa, George and Zoe Zebra figures and 13 never-before-seen accessories will have your little one absorbed in creative play for hours. MSRP $60. Ages 3+.


Of Dragons, Fairies and Wizards Magic Wand

Your child controls the magic in their fairy or dragon wand. Their fairy or dragon friend lives in their wand and will help them swish and flick to cast spells, meet magical creatures and go on adventures. Each fairy and dragon has different strengths and characteristics so each one teaches different spells. Features 45 minutes of animation. Wands start at $50. Ages 4+.


Honorable Mention Throwback Edition:

Teddy Ruxpin

He’s baack. This phenom from the ’80s is back and better than ever still with animatronic moves, but now with LCD eyes that have 40 different animations, touch sensors and read- and sing-a-long modes. Teddy Ruxpin is a great companion for little ones who like to hear stories or for early readers who want to follow along as Teddy tells his tales. SRP $99.99. Ages 2+.


Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition

Plug this mini version of the 1990s NES into the TV, grab the controller and play one of the 20 pre-installed classic games, plus one that has never-before been released. MSRP $79.99.

Honorable Mention Staying Power Edition:

Hatchimal Surprise and Colleggtibles Egg Carton

The 2016 Gift of the Year that just keeps giving. Your little one will love the new Hatchimal Surprise, which hatches two creatures from the same egg! The two will have dance parties, giggle and play games with each other. There's also Hatchimal Colleggtibles, an egg carton filled with 10 eggs and two figures. Rub the hearts on the eggs until they change color, then crack the shells to see who’s inside. Surprise, $70, Colleggtibles Egg Carton, $19.99. Ages 5+.


Honorable Mention Big Ticket Edition:

Nintendo Switch

Next gen gaming means controllers that can be docked or undocked and handheld, will rumble so your gamer can actually feel the action, detect shape, distance and movement and come in awesome colors. Your gamer might actually look up from the screen to thank you. MSRP $299.99.

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