Build Stronger Ties To Bergen County Businesses With Bergen Mama Insider

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There are things that we here at Bergen Mama can't help you with. New math, for example. Or tween social drama. But since Bergen Mama started publishing 14 years ago, it has been our mission to make your life as a parent as easy as possible by keeping you in the know about the best places in and around Bergen County for all things kids, dining, travel, beauty, and fashion. As the #1 trusted digital platform in this space, we connect you with the Bergen County brands and retailers who provide the products and services that align with your needs and values.  

With this in mind, we proudly announce Bergen Mama Insider, a membership program that gives our most loyal readers a deeper connection to the businesses we all love and rely on with exclusive first dibs on deals, discounts and first looks in and around Bergen County. With this new program, our goal is to connect the community with the businesses that built the place we call home - Bergen County.

As lifelong residents of Bergen County, the Bergen Mama team has witnessed the struggles and tribulations that local businesses have been grappling with in recent years. We are now feeling this pressure in our own wallets, at home.  During these challenging times, it has become increasingly evident that the only path to community success and resilience lies in mutual support and encouragagemnet.  

So, with that, we've rounded up offers from amazing bussinesses in our area who are eager to put their best foot forward and welcome you! The benefits of Bergen Mama Insider will be updated quarterly, including a diverse range of perks such as complimentary items, discounts as a percentage or dollar amount, a complimentary toast, and more exciting offers.  

For a limited time at launch, introductory pricing for members is $49 per quarter, or $147 annually (a 25% savings). The first 50 Bergen Mama's to join will be upgraded to an annual membership, on us! When you sign up as a Bergen Mama Insider, you will recieve an email with a digital pass to save right in your phone, so that the savings are always just a double click away!

We ran the numbers and can confidently say that for all parties involved - the savings are endless, the experiences invaluable, and the community ties are strengthened with every membership. SIGN UP TODAY!

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