The Grocery Opening in River Vale, NJ

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When it comes to convenience, “grab and go” are three words we’re getting a little tired of hearing. Sure, not having to cook is a real timesaver come dinnertime, but those cold, gloppy soups, rubbery pastas, and way-too-salty rotisserie chickens baked under a heat lamp that you’ll find at your local supermarket can’t be the only option. Can they? The culinary geniuses behind Peppercorn Events—Jess and Daniel Ford—sure don’t think so, which is why they’ve made it their mission to redefine saving time at mealtime with their new spot, The Grocery, opening August 24th. This isn’t “grab and go,” it’s “grab and gourmet!”


Opening in River Vale, this offshoot from the popular local catering and events company is all about fast, easy, and on-the-go food and drinks, ready-to-heat meals, and local, artisanal products. The menu will be updated on a daily basis and include new offerings highlighting seasonal products from trusted local vendors like Stokes Farm and Closter Farm & Livestock Co. There’s no pre-ordering required, but weekend pickup is available for pre-orders; just stop in when the mood strikes—breakfast, lunch, and dinner items are always available (for as long as they last, that is, and they’re sure to go quick).


Not in a huge rush? Sit and stay a while! The Grocery will feature dine-in tables, baristas, and a tasting room. When creating the space, the Peppercorn Events team wanted to be sure to incorporate local talent into every aspect, including the furniture and design. The dine-in tables are hand-crafted by C-Los Carpentry ad the plates and espresso cups are by Connor McGinn Studios, both small businesses based in New York City, and all of the beautiful watercolors adorning the walls are by NJ-based artist and illustrator Abby Lessick, whose images will serve as a tribute to the incredible culinary innovations Peppercorn Events has created over the years.


Before you leave, be sure to browse the curated selection of specialty foodstuffs and home goods from the likes of Paper Plane Coffee Co., Paromi Tea, Tiny Kitchen Candle Co., and Brooklyn’s beloved Superfine bar and restaurant.

The Grocery
663 Westwood Ave., River Vale
Open Tuesday-Thursday 9 am-6 pm
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