The Boba Tea Game at Moge Tee Fort Lee is Next Level

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Does your morning pick-me-up need some perking up? Skip the K-cups, skip the Starbucks, heck, skip the coffee altogether, and hitch a ride on the bubble tea train. This refreshingly rich and delicious concoction (consisting of tea, milk, sugar, and flavorful boba “pearls” made from tapioca) originated in Taiwan and has been wildly popular in countries like China, Japan, and Australia for decades, and is now slowly gaining traction on our shores with those-in-the-know foodies. Now, it’s set to take Bergen County by storm, with the opening of Moge Tee in Fort Lee.  


This international tea house chain is dedicated to serving up the finest bubble teas, matcha, and yakult (a probiotic-milk-based beverage) drinks around, using only natural and fresh ingredients (including fruit favorites like strawberry, blueberry, and orange alongside more exotic fare like taro root, red dragon fruit, and purple yam), and this latest location is no exception. We popped in recently to taste the phenomenon for ourselves and walked away total converts. 


While the menu here might seem overwhelming with its large selection of drinks you’re probably not familiar with (yet!), the ingredients of each are listed plainly along with a picture, so you get a good idea of what you’ll be getting. We ordered up two of Moge’s more popular options, Oreo Milk Tea with Cheese Foam and Boba and the Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea. If you’re scratching your head wondering what the heck cheese foam is, you’re not alone—we did too! Turns out it’s a savory topping that reminded us of a fluffy, whipped cream cheese, and it gave the Oreo Milk Tea a super-creamy consistency and perfectly balanced the sweetness found in your typical boba drink. The Brown Sugar Bubble Milk Tea was the sweeter of the two—we ordered it without the cheese foam—making it more “tea-like” in taste. All in all, we loved both, and loved the clear teddy-bear-design cups (so Insta-worthy, it’s ridiculous!) they came in even more. 


On our way out, we spied one of Moge’s other yummy offerings, a Super Strawberry Parfait, which combines organic plain yogurt with fresh strawberries, and—wait for it—waffle chunks. Yeah, we’ll definitely be back!


Moge Tee
2029 Lemoine Ave., Fort Lee
(201) 849-5082
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