The American Dream Mall is Almost a Reality

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It’s been a few months since we shared an update on that multi-billion-dollar massive mall known as American Dream. While there was news last year that the venue would be open in March (as in next month) the delay-happy developers are now saying “2019,” so we’re not banking on the behemoth (that’s been 15 years in the making at this point) opening next season. But from the buzz and the looks of it, it's getting close. 

We’ve already shared plenty about what to expect at American Dream when it actually starts allowing people to show up and spend their hard-earned money there, but here’s a refresher: The 3-million-square-foot Rutherford complex will span 18 acres and include more than 400 retailers, 15 full-service restaurants, a food hall in partnership with Vice’s food and culture website Munchies along with tons of over-the-top entertainment offerings.  Expect  an indoor DreamWorks Water Park, a Nickelodeon Universe Theme Park; a 16‐story indoor ski park; role-playing experience KidZania; a performing arts theater; 285‐foot-tall Observation Wheel; a luxe 12-screen movie theatre by CMX; Lucky Strike bowling alley, Sea Life Aquarium, Lego Discovery Center; NHL regulation-size ice rink; two 18‐hole mini golf attractions; and a 20,000-square-foot spa, beauty, health, wellness component.


Thanks to a recent gathering of roller coaster enthusiasts out in Hershey, Pennsylvania, (yep, it’s a thing) we now have further deets on the record-breaking roller coasters that will be on site. The “TMNT [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles] Shellraiser” will boast the world’s steepest coaster plunge, stopping at the top of the 122-foot drop to give its riders both a heart attack and views of the Hudson and the city skyline. Daredevils will also want to jump on “The Shredder,” which will become the planet’s tallest and longest free-spinning roller coaster. And plans for two tamer coasters were also announced for the first time: one dubbed “Slime Streak” and the other called “Sandy’s Blasting Bronco,” likely named after a SpongeBob character.

As for retailers, the Saks Fifth Avenue sign is up and other confirmed shops on site include Banana Republic, H&M, Microsoft, MAC, Zara, Pink, Luluemon, Hermes, Gap, Century 21, and Uniqlo. Of course, you’ll have to save your shopping for the six days of the week that aren’t Sunday thanks to Bergen County’s blue laws. But the folks behind American Dream say that while the shops will be closed on Sundays, the mall will be open for business since it’s more than half entertainment, which means you can still grab a bite, hit the slopes, play some golf, catch a movie or find yourself careening down the equivalent of a 10-story building while strapped into a box of metal. Talk about Sunday Funday ...

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