The American Dream Mall at the Meadowlands Just Got Dreamier

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If you’ve driven by the site of American Dream at the Meadowlands lately, you’ve probably spotted some massive non-stop construction, despite the fact it was originally supposed to be open by now – pretty much par for the course when someone’s spending five billion dollars on creating what’s set to be the country’s biggest mall. Since it’s been nearly a whole year since we last brought a report on the mega-mall, we thought we’d give you an update on new scoop we’ve discovered to increase the anticipation.


We’ve already told you about the Dreamworks waterpark and 300,000-square-foot Nickelodeon Universe theme park, which both sound like a kid’s dream come true, but now there are two far-out new rides your thrill-seeking fam will scream for: The Nickelodeon park will boast two roller coasters by German maker Gerstlauer including an intertwined Launched Euro-Fighter with a beyond-vertical drop and a Spinning Coaster with cars that rotate on a vertical axis as they move along the track. And, like everything in this place, they’re the biggest and best. The Euro-Fighter will hold the world record for the steepest roller coaster drop, while the Spinning Coaster will become both the world’s tallest and longest free-spinning roller coaster.


One thing’s for sure about American Dream: You can expect entertainment, food, and drink pretty much everywhere you turn. While they haven’t revealed many details, we know American Dream has added a 1,350-seat Cirque Du Soleil live performance theater, so you can catch mind-blowing theatrics without having to board a plane to Vegas. The much-buzzed-about Cinemex X4D – which will be one of only four of the Mexico-based movie theater company’s U.S. locations – won’t just show movies in 4D but will also give theater-goers close-to-true-to-life experiences right in their seats with elements like wind, rain, snow, fog, and scents all synchronized to the film. Even the bowling alley, Lucky Strike’s For the Win, will feature both a live music venue and a giant gastropub with a serious beer selection and craft cocktail program. All in, the place will house 25 full-service restaurants, 30 fast-casual eateries and will run the world's first exclusive Kosher food hall.


Add to that a dizzying number of shops, a world-class aquarium, water park, Legoland, monstrous mini-golf course, and even an indoor ski mountain and we’ll be dreaming of American Dream until it opens in March. (Sorry, that’s next March.) 

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