Sprinklez in Hillsdale NJ Reopens this Week

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It was a sad day in Bergen County when the beloved Icesreamery ice cream shop in Hillsdale NJ closed its doors. But we come bearing great news!  It is reopening as Sprinklez real soon. Like, next week! That’s right. According to an insider, Sprinklez will be open for business hopefully by next Thursday, April 4th.

What can we expect from the new and improved ice cream shop? Small batch ice cream made especially for Sprinklez. They’ll have 10 flavors that remain the same, 4 that will change based on the season, and here’s the really great news, two vegan flavors!


Sprinklez will have ice cream sammies made to order, a colossal “big mama” milkshake, ice cream cakes, and coffee for those whose tastes run more hot than cold. They have also jumped on the edible cookie dough trend with delicious chocolate chip cookie dough and brownie dough to be used as toppings for the ice cream, homemade whipped cream and homemade, hand dipped waffle cones and waffle tacos.

Sprinklez will be hosting birthday parties in their new space which seats about 25 and has a great vibe for people of all ages, not just kids (hello, gnos)! Looks like the weather will be warming up next week. Perfect time to head back to an old favorite for one of your first real tastes of spring.


130 Broadway
Hillsdale, New Jersey 07642

(201) 497-5515


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