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You’re not in the mood to go out for dinner, but it’s too hot/late/unappealing to cook at the moment. Sure, takeout is an option, but if you order from the same Thai place one more time you’re going to swear off Pad See Ew forever. (Tragic!) The solution might just be to get delicious dishes from one of your favorite local restaurants delivered to your door. And with a bunch of great restaurant delivery services in Bergen County, it’s actually easier than ever. We compared the offerings of five delivery services to figure out which ones are best for our weeknight food fix. 

Delivery time/restaurants based on an Englewood, NJ, location. Orders placed around dinner time.


After achieving cult-like popularity in New York City, Seamless expanded to Bergen County to satisfy our need for food delivery. The breadth of restaurants is extensive, including local favorites GRK Grill and Sofia. Our favorite restaurants from Seamless include Tenafly Classic Diner, Hummus Elite, Bing’s Burgers and Goldberg’s Famous Bagels.

Restaurant: Hummus Elite
What we ordered: Falafel Sandwich
Time for delivery: 45 minutes
Delivery Fee: $2.00

Service: Seamless does an excellent job at keeping its delivery time under an hour, making sure food is still hot when it arrives. Our falafel sandwich was in pristine condition, and so were the sweet potato fries. The delivery guy was friendly and made sure to update our seamless account as to when he would be picking up, and then delivering, the food. Overall, Seamless was on its A-game with dinner!

How to order: online or on the mobile app


Whether you're looking for a binge-meal such as Bareburger or a healthy smoothie from Lovin’ Today, Grubhub has more than 100 restaurants in Bergen County that will satisfy your craving. When you order from GrubHub, they text, call and email you updates on when your food will be delivered, which is incredibly helpful! Our favorite spots from GrubHub are Daruma, Mr. Bagelsworth and Avo’s Grill.

Restaurant: Daruma
What we ordered: sushi rolls, soup, salad
Time for delivery: 40 minutes
Delivery Fee: NONE   


Service: After we placed our order on GrubHub, we received an email and text message notification that Daruma had received the order and it was in the process of being made. GrubHub is great at constantly communicating with customers and updating them on their orders, which not many food services do. The food was delivered earlier than anticipated and maintained its quality. The website and app are both easy to use, and they give you plenty of options for customizing your order (like adding avocado or switching to brown rice for each roll ordered).  

How to order: online or on the mobile app



Chow Gofer

They boast the largest selection of restaurants and delivery locations in Bergen County, and Chow Gofer’s delivery service is fast and friendly. The selection of restaurants ranges from high-end places such as The River Palm Terrace to fast-food chains like McDonald’s. Their highlights include Grissini’s, Brownstone Pancake Factory, Sushi Tatsu and Simply Vietnamese.

Restaurant: Jack’s Lobster Shack
What we ordered: Lobster Roll Maine Style
Delivery Fee: $8.99 (varies based on restaurant location)
Non-Cash Transaction Fee: $2.00
Time for delivery: 1 hour 17 minutes 


Service: The food was delivered in great condition—despite the delayed delivery, the roll was not soggy and the lobster stayed fresh. While waiting for the order, we called Chow Gofer to understand why it was taking so long, and they were on top of the issue and explained that the restaurant had taken longer than anticipated to have the order ready. They were very approachable and helpful throughout the process.

How to order: online and mobile app (online is more user-friendly)



Uber’s known for their car service’s fast arrival, and their food delivery service, UberEats, is no different, with delivery times just under 35 minutes. Offering a smaller range of restaurants, UberEats includes favorites like Jackson Hole Burgers and Q Tea Tapas. Their selection of desserts hits the spot with the places your kids are begging you to go to: Ben and Jerry’s and La Promenade.

Restaurant: Jackson Hole Burgers
What we ordered: Traditional burger with lettuce and tomato
Booking Fee: $4.99
Time for delivery: 26 minutes



Service: The UberEats website is incredibly user-friendly and designed so that the customer has an easy and fast ordering experience. However, there is a limited selection of restaurants in Bergen County, which makes choosing a restaurant a bit more difficult. UberEats delivered our order in under 35 minutes, just as they promised. The burger was still hot, and it tasted just as good as it does in the restaurant!  

Door Dash

New biz on the block Door Dash brings its food delivery service to Bergen County NJ as part of their fast growing model reaching more and more areas in the US. Their interface is simple to use and they were quick on loading up on local faves eateries to offer hungry diners.  One thing we liked is that they don’t always charge a delivery fee and they have some great promotions once you sign up for their service. They also tell you approximate wait times for each restaurant which is helpful when you’re trying to feed a hungry brood.

Restaurant: Ma Mi Eatery
What we ordered: Bao Buns and Pad Thai
Booking Fee: $1.99
Time for delivery: 40 minutes


Service: Our order was at our doorstep in under 40 minutes and food was hot, fresh and delicious.  

How to order: online or on the mobile app

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