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If your kids are like most kids, they’ll take advice from almost anyone before they’ll listen to what their parents have to say. This is especially true when it comes to preparing for, applying to, and selecting a college or private, K-12 school. It could have something to do with the fact that you had to walk barefoot two miles in the snow to your one room, log cabin primary school. Or maybe because you typed your applications on a Smith-Corona typewriter and picked your college based on which one had the best basketball team (or a cute coed in the class you attended during your campus visit).  But it could also be due to the fact that the private school, college and grad school application process is longer and more intricate, tricky and fraught than it was back in the day.

Knowing when to put your child’s future in the hands of an expert is key. And knowing which expert you can trust is even more important. Preminente College Counseling Services has been helping students find their ideal educational environment for twenty years. With a full menu of services to help families and kids navigate the complex world of college and private school counseling and applications, and a team of experts that includes former admissions counselors and directors, top Ivy League graduates, published authors and accomplished professionals, Preminente is exactly the resource parents and students need to help them through the process.


Preminente offers a concierge service that caters to each child’s individual needs. The first step is an Initial Consult Meeting (ICM), conducted in the privacy of the client’s home or at a location of their choosing, during which a qualified Preminente team member will get to know your child in order to help identify the best target schools for them, no matter their age.

For college and grad school clients, team members will discuss transcripts, activities, testing, tutoring, personal essays, and timelines. Then they’ll work with parents and students to develop a list of 10-12 colleges targeted to the students' profile and preferences. Students can begin working with Preminente as early as junior high or even wait until the beginning of their senior year.

Services and packages include assistance with academic/class planning, extracurricular and summer strategies, test preparation and advising, college lists based on the student’s grades, activities, interests and test scores, and personal preferences, and assistance with completing applications and writing essays.

To ensure that clients receive the attention they deserve, Preminente caps the number of students they assist based on academic year and school attended. This enables the team to provide clients with individualized attention that includes in-person meetings or consultations via phone, email, text, FaceTime or Skype. Families come to rely on Preminente to answer their questions, minimize stress and anxiety, guide students to find the school that is the right fit for them and then, do the work to ensure they are admitted. Over the years, 97% of Preminente clients have been admitted to their top three schools of choice.

These days there is so much more that goes into a student’s school application than just their academic record. Preminente owner and CEO, Danielle Fazio, former All-American Division I tennis player at Georgetown University, and former Georgetown undergraduate admissions officer and her elite Preminente team of former admissions officers know how to package a child so that their achievements, activities, awards and unique character stand out in the sea of competitive applications. Parents can rest assured that with Preminente, they will have done everything in their power to help their children achieve their goals.

But Preminente’s relationship with their clients doesn’t end with a college acceptance. They are there with the student every step of the way, helping with summer internships, portfolio and resume development, and assimilation to college. Clients become part of the Preminente family and their counselors are proud to be included in milestones such as the bar/bat mitzvahs, graduations, and weddings of current and former students.

Looking for someone you can rely on to help you and your child make it through the college application process in one piece? Visit the Preminente website for more information about this special, female-owned company.

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