Naru Sushi and Hibachi is Open in Franklin Lakes

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You’ve decided to take the family out to dinner, but you have some criteria. First, you don’t want to have to dress up. Second, you’re craving sushi but your kids are not fans and you need someplace where they’ll eat too. Third, is it wrong to want to avoid all electronic entertainment, at least for one meal? Nope! Luckily, you can check all these boxes at the newly opened Naru Sushi and Hibachi in Franklin Lakes.

When you go to Naru, go early and go hungry. The restaurant is divided into two sections. Small tables and seats at the sushi bar in the front are divided from the hibachi in the back by a wall and curtains. Patrons in the front section can order from the entire menu, including the hibachi entrees, but they don’t get the show. On a recent weekend night, the front section was full but there was never a wait and there were plenty of seats at the sushi bar. 

The hibachi tables, on the other hand, were in high demand. Word is, some folks have had to wait up to two weeks to finally get a reservation for a seat at these tables. Plus, if you’re not the first seating, you’re at the mercy of the people ahead of you. Lingering patrons with early reservations can lead to an unexpected wait. 


But don’t worry that your kids will be the only ones there. When they say “kid-friendly” they mean it. Toddlers and preschoolers share tables with tweens and high school kids. Birthday parties are frequent and the staff celebrates with a serenade and a gong (just a small one). 


If your kids have been to hibachi before, they will know what to expect. At Naru, you get the typical onion volcano, the bantering chef, and reliably yummy food. A kid’s menu is available. Plus, sometimes the chefs let the kids get in on the game, bringing them over to help crack the eggs for the fried rice. 


But what’s in it for you? A sushi menu that features all the greatest hits plus a few special rolls that are worth trying. The shrimp tempura Phoenix roll is particularly good, as well as the RT 208 and the Franklin. The assorted sushi and sashimi are fresh and well-prepared. The hibachi entrees are, as always plentiful – the shrimp, salmon and filet mignon are not to be missed. Then finish off the meal with ice cream (green tea ice cream – yum!) or mochi and roll out in under an hour full, happy and entertained. 


Naru Sushi and Hibachi has take out and delivery. For reservations, visit the website or call 201.904.2401.


Naru Sushi and Hibachi
754 Franklin Avenue, Franklin Lakes
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