Music Lessons in Bergen County are as Easy as Do-Re-Mi at the Piano Workshop (dedicated)

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Is everything a drum in your house—much to your chagrin? Or has your child been begging for a keyboard so they can play their favorite tunes? Maybe they’ve been strumming a toy guitar for years, and you’re feeling like it’s finally time for a real one. Thankfully, there’s a new spot for music lessons in Bergen County in the space of the former historic playhouse in Ridgewood at Wilsey Square. The Piano Workshop, which has operated in Chester for the past decade, is now offering private piano, guitar, drum/percussion, voice and music technology classes, plus a Peanuts Piano Bop toddler music class, at their new Bergen County location.

The studio offers a wonderful environment, optimum teaching conditions, perfect acoustics and high-quality pianos. Every instructor at the studio has a degree in music education, performance or pedagogy and has an extensive resume of professional performances and experience.


The Piano Workshop at Bergen County offers a unique environment, unlike any other music school in the area. Each instructor has a personal, dedicated interest in your child’s music education. They match each student with an instructor that is best suited to teach the student the necessary skills and related theory to learn to play and grow musically. This approach allows students to tap into their individual creative spirit and begin a lifelong journey of exploring and appreciating music. And if you’re the one with an interest in music, they offer lessons for adults too!

The Piano Workshop also offers recording services on site for anyone interested in recording a video or audio performance for a theater audition or college application. It’s truly a one-stop shop for all your music needs. 

So click here to sign up for a free trial lesson and let The Piano Workshop match you or your child with the most appropriate instructor. With their personalized approach and top-notch teachers, The Piano Workshop is just about guaranteed to be a hit with your child.

The Piano Workshop at Bergen County
10 Wilsey Square, Ridgewood
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