Meet the Little Scout Who Won Bergen Mama’s Girl Scout Cookie Contest

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You may remember a few months back when Bergen Mama offered to buy 100 boxes of cookies from one lucky Girl Scout in Northern NJ.  Well the contest has ended with one very happy little scout.

Meet Winner Kristen DeGiovanni-Newton

C is for cookie, that’s what the monster says anyway. He likes cookies, and well, I like cookies too. Have I mentioned that before? I really like Girl Scout cookies; Samoas are my favorite. So, I was super-psyched to hear about Bergen Mama’s contest to buy 100 boxes of cookies from some lucky Scout. It was like my birthday, like I’d won the lottery. Bring the cookies right to me, I said. But, alas, the smarter people of Bergen Mama had the good sense to donate them to the Center for Food Action before I even had my chance. Now they’re out there brightening the days of the less fortunate cookie monsters of New Jersey. And I’m happy for them. Really.

And here’s a salute to our winner, the seller of the 100 boxes of cookies, and one of the hardest-working Girl Scouts around. 


1.      First tell us a little bit about yourself, your family and your daughter who is in Girl Scouts
Kayla Newton joined the Girl Scouts as a Daisy in Kindergarten and is currently in 3rd grade as a Brownie with troop 5847 in Park Ridge. Kayla is 9 years old, has a younger brother James. Kayla lives in Park Ridge with her Brother, mother Kristen (former Park Ridge Brownie) and father Brian in Park Ridge.

2.      What's your daughter's favorite thing about being a girl scout?

Kayla’s favorite thing about being a girl scout is when she gets to sing and do arts & crafts with the elderly. Her Troop takes many trips a year, this year Kayla got to learn how to make Pizza, and the troop has a lot of fun decorating our town Depot Square for Halloween.

3.      Congrats on winning Bergen Mama's Great Girl Scout Cookie Contest! How did you hear about the contest?

I, her mom, came across your offering via Facebook, I then clicked on the link, checked out your page and shared the contest to my personal page, which was then clicked on and liked by family and friends.


4.      What was your daughter's reaction when she found out you won?

Her jaw dropped open, she was in shock and so very excited, she screeched with joy. All the girls set goals and Kayla had set her goal around 200 boxes. With your contest, Kayla was able to surpass her 200 box goal and sell over 300 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, which has made her very happy and she is setting her expectations high for next year’s sales.

5.      How did winning this contest help her and the troops overall cookie sales this year? 

Winning this contest assisted Kayla’s whole Troop surpass 1,000 boxes of cookies sold. Each troop receives a portion of the funds raised/collected, which will offset costs for additional fun trips, arts & crafts supplies, snacks and provide the troop leaders opportunity to plan activities more frequently.

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