Mark Zuckerberg Wants to Give You A Cupcake

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So, you’ve heard of Facebook stories, right? Those little vignettes of life that you can post to share your everyday moments through video and images with content that only lasts for a day? Well, now get ready for Facebook Birthday stories, a new feature being rolled out by Facebook this week. 


Facebook Birthday stories gives users an opportunity to wish friends and family happy birthday by creating an authentic, fun, lighthearted visual greeting. Click on the Birthday story image on your friend’s page to send them a greeting tailored just for their special day. Get creative with virtual birthday cards, videos, images, gifs and stickers that will make your friend feel extra special and celebrated


Birthday guys, gals and non-binary pals have ultimate control over their stories, deciding how much of their birthday story to share with their friends or whether to share anything at all.


So wait, where does your free cupcake come in? 

Tomorrow, Friday, May 10th, Facebook will be at the Mr. Cupcakes location in the Paramus Park Mall giving away free Birthday Cake cupcakes to celebrate the launch of this new feature. Stop by the food court and pick up your special treat starting at 10:00 am. Cupcakes will be first come first served and available for everyone who comes through their door while supplies last. 


Happy Birthday to you (whenever it is)!

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