Manhattan Faves Sticky’s Finger Joint and Chopt Creative Salad Co. Are Coming to Bergen Town Center

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Okay, we know it’s really only the middle of the summer. We know there’s still a whole month before school starts. But when that back to school shopping jones hits and you find yourself getting a little hangry while backpack shopping at Bergen Town Center, you’re going to be super glad to hear that Sticky’s. The Finger Joint is now open and Chopt Creative Salad Co. will be opening soon.


You’ll find Manhattan cult favorite, Sticky’s, right next door to Cava and you’ll be able to get your chicken finger fix with signature creations like salted caramel pretzel (caramel, pretzel salt and fried pretzel bits), or thai fiesta (thai sweet chili, mac sauce and taco seasonings). They also have sandwiches, wraps and salads and the sauces, oh the sauces. Try the s’mores sauce, the Nashville numb or the Vampire aioli. 


And then there’s Chopt Creative Salad Co. Listen, we all know that actually making a salad is a chore. Which is why Chopt has always been such a genius idea. You get a salad your way without ever having the bust out the salad spinner or the knife and cutting board. And now we’ve heard that Chopt is opening soon in Bergen Town Center. Time your Target run so that afterward, you can get a salad made fresh and to order – just pick a base and add veggies, cheese, eggs, grains, beans, protein, and nuts or seeds for crunch. Or, choose from one of their signature salad or bowl creations. 


So listen, it’s not so bad that your kid has outgrown all their school clothes and their feet won’t even fit in their shoes anymore. It just gives you an excuse to do a little shopping and then grab a great meal! Enjoy!

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