Lightbridge Academy Opens in Fort Lee, NJ (dedicated)

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When it comes to tough, research-intensive (and crazy important) decisions, choosing a daycare might just be at the top of the list. But the educational child care center Lightbridge Academy is trying make that big decision an easier one for parents, by offering cutting-edge centers where moms and dads can feel good knowing their children are getting the best possible nurturing-yet-educational experience from staffers who feel like extended family. And good news for parents in Bergen County: The newest Lightbridge Academy in Fort Lee is currently enrolling and will be open during the first quarter of 2017.

Since Lightbridge Academy is dedicated to the whole child, its proprietary early childhood education curriculum integrates lesson plans with academic subjects like math, science, literacy, and language, but there's also equal focus on everything from creative arts and music to physical well-being and socialization. And each child's educational experience is different.


The whole concept is actually a much-needed solution for working parents –  putting minds at ease thanks in part to advanced technology embedded across all aspects of the center. There's Internet monitoring in real time, closed-circuit cameras that allow parents to log in and see what their child is doing at any time of the day; an eCommunication app that provides parents with daily reports, pictures, videos, important classroom announcements and reminders; and biometric fingerprint scanner for safe entry.

The center also offers this glorious thing called backup care so that, if say, your regular nanny calls in sick or school is closed for the day but you still have to work, you can book days here or there based on availability. This service is also available for school-aged children. Because, while it would be great to have a predictable schedule, we haven't met a parent yet who actually has one.

Lightbridge Academy 
2 Executive Drive, Suite: Mezzanine,
Fort Lee.
Contact Erika
Cuellar for a tour by calling (201)585-2020 or email:

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